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About Bay Area Trainer

The trainers at Bay Area Trainers personal training studio are more than just your very own Certified Personal Trainers. They are your personal cheerleaders, your educators, motivators and problem solvers. Basically they are your personal guide thru the entire fitness journey in and outside the gym. They teach and inspire you to conquer things you thought were possible or that you have not ever thought of. They figure out what fuels you and gets you excited. They get to know you as a person How you think and feel. They pay attention, take notes..both physical and mental to learn your road blocks and help you overcome them with communication and guidance. They problem solve with your personal challenges. They will inspire and push you when you get too comfortable or know when to ease up when they notice you are pushing too hard. The trainers at Bay Area Trainer will inspire their clients to have a positive mindset towards fitness and health and help a client translate knowledge into ACTION by providing the tools, strategies and a healthy new prospective. The trainers at BAT truly collaborate with each of their clients to develop solutions to challenges that many of their clients have had for years thru a strong and healthy partnership by providing solutions to health and fitness and developing a strength focused mind set. Together you and your very own personal trainer will work together till you get to your goals. ITs a rock solid partnership towards success!

Areas We Serve:

  • Martinez
  • Concord
  • Walnut Creek
  • Pittsburg
  • Antioch
  • Berkeley
  • Oakland

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