Why is alcohol bad for weight loss?

Alcohol is bad for weight loss plans mainly because of its unique digestive characteristics along with the fact that it has no nutritional value and is packed with calories. 

Why Is Alcohol Bad For Weight Loss?

Alcohol is bad for weight loss because it is metabolized in such a way that it prevents any other nutrients from getting absorbed into your bloodstream. Not only does it deprive you from absorbing nutrients into your body, it kills your appetite and disables you from eating anything at all, let alone healthy foods.
Another prime reason why alcohol is bad for weight loss is that alcohol is a diuretic and causes severe dehydration if consumed in large amounts. What it does is that it attaches itself to water molecules and as a result, no water is absorbed. 

Alcohol & Your Metabolism

During normal circumstances, your body readily digests carbohydrates, fats and proteins to produce energy. However, in the influence of alcohol, your digestive system starts to work in adverse ways.
The body recognizes alcohol as a toxin and starts treating it on an immediate basis while it ignores all other nutrients that enter the digestive track. 
While the attention of your digestive track is diverted towards metabolizing alcohol, your liver also prioritizes its breakdown and neglects the presence of other functions that it needs to follow for your well-being. 
Remember, the liver is the only organ in the body that has over 500 functions and due the presence of alcohol all of these process are halted.

Effects Of Alcohol On Weight Loss

Alcohol affects your body in many negative ways. Drinking too much will cause you to pass out or sleep but this sleep isn’t any help at all. What happens is that you sleep but you don’t get any rest because it’s not deep sleep and is only induced as an effect of alcohol. 
Such practice can trigger you to eat more the next day, raising your intake of calories. The presence of alcohol will also cause your stomach to produce more acid, damaging the walls of your stomach and making them inflamed. 
Prolonged exposure to alcohol can have severe effects on your health as it will increase the chances of you developing serious health problems such as stomach ulcers, liver disease, and cardiovascular diseases.

All In All

There are three main components to any weight loss program: exercise, diet and regular sleep. When under the influence of alcohol, your motivation for exercise will come crashing down and make you lazy, along with negatively affecting your sleeping patterns. 
Despite all this, many people still enjoy a few drinks around their week, without throwing those three components completely out of tandem. 

Holistic Factoid

However, drinking heavily can significantly derail your fitness plans and negatively impact hormonal levels in your body. Therefore, limit your overall levels of alcohol and put yourself in the best position to reap some of the benefits of alcohol consumption, while also giving your fitness a thought.

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